The Maui Butterfly Farm - About Us
The Maui Butterfly Farm - Live Butterfly Releases in Hawaii!
A beautiful Maui Monarch butterflyAbout Us....
Our farm is located on over four acres in Upcountry Maui, Hawaii at an elevation of 2400' above sea level on the slopes of Mt Haleakala.
Our property consists of 100' eucalyptus trees, warm tropical breezes and a light mist of rain- the perfect recipe to keep our butterflies happy and healthy! 
All of our caterpillars are fed on home grown organic plant matter and our butterflies are able to enjoy a huge array of tropical flowers which grow abundantly throughout our property.

Our butterflies are bred and raised in a sterile, protected environment therefore unlike butterflies taken from the wild our butterflies are not affected by birds, predators or pesticides in any way. 
Butterflies can be fun and friendly- the perfect addition to any celebration.
A beautiful Maui Gulf Fritillary butterfly
Butterflies also have a deep spiritual meaning.
They are often seen as a symbol of new life hence their popularity at both weddings and memorials. There is a Native American Legend which states that if you whisper a wish to a butterfly, the butterfly will fly up to the Heavens and the Great Spirit will grant your wish in return for the butterfly's freedom.
Another of our happy clients enjoying her wedding butterflies on Maui
Photo courtesy of Ian
We can be reached via telephone at (808) 280 0506 or fill in the form on our Contact Us page. 

If you would like a response within 24 hours please send us an email.
Some of the Maui Monarch butterflies that we breed
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