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The Maui Butterfly Farm - Live Butterfly Releases in Hawaii!

Some of the Maui Monarch butterflies that we breed

Pricing and Availability
Are butterflies easy to handle and release?
All of our butterflies come with complete care and release instructions- all you have to do is open the release container and make sure your camera is ready!
We find that many people are nervous about handling butterflies and worry about how to take care of them prior to release. Don't worry! It's all extremely easy. Butterflies are much more hardy than many people believe and The Maui Butterfly Farm is always available to answer any questions or queries that you might have.
NOTE: We DO NOT allow our butterflies to be released "at sea" as the likelihood of them making it all the way back to land is EXTREMELY SLIM. We do land releases only.
One of our ivory embossed buterfly release containers wrapped with a silver satin ribbon The prices for our gorgeous Monarch, Gulf Fritillary and Swallowtail butterflies are as follows:
For individual release (ie each butterfly in its own box):
  • Our minimum order is 12 individuals: $179 + tax

  • 24 individuals: $358 + tax

  • 50 individuals: $720 + tax

For larger numbers please contact us for customized pricing.
Each butterfly is individually packaged in its own ivory-embossed box imported from Italy, decorated with a delicate satin rose head in either ivory or red..
For mass release (ie all butterflies in one box):
One of our natural butterfly release containers topped with an ivory satin rose head
  • Our minimum order is 12 butterflies: $144 + tax

  • 24 butterflies: $288 + tax

  • 50 *Monarch/Gulf Fritillary butterflies: $650 + tax
*As our Swallowtail butterflies are larger and therefore more delicate than other breeds we do not suggest a mass release for more than 24 Swallowtail butterflies

Maui Delivery
Existing/repeat clients: $100 standard delivery fee.

New clients: All orders must be picked up from Olinda (Makawao) on the day of the event or can be picked up the evening prior for morning weddings/events.       

Inter island Shipping: $100
The Maui Butterfly Farm is the only butterfly farm in the state that is fully regulated by the USDA/DLNR.

Inter island shipping involves several hours of arranging/driving to agricultural inspections, packaging and organizing courier shipping therefore our standard charge (no matter how small or large the shipment) is $100.

Payment Options
New Clients: *All payments must be made thirty days prior to delivery or your order will be cancelled. Mahalo for your understanding.  

Existing Clients: *All payments must be made either on or prior to delivery. 
As we seem to continuously chase clients for payment there will unfortunately no longer be any exceptions including hotels/restaurants.

Orders are only confirmed once payment is received- sending an email request does not confirm an order.

Disclaimer: We guarantee that our butterflies will arrive at your event/celebration happy, healthy and ready to be released. We are not responsible for any accidents or deaths due to the mishandling of our butterflies once they are no longer in our care.
Placing an order for our butterflies does not guarantee that butterflies will be available on the specific date that you request. We operate on a first come first served basis and with a life span of anywhere from three days to three weeks we cannot always control mother nature.  
Enjoying some of our hand raised butterflies at a Maui wedding
photo courtesy of Ian
Ideally we prefer at least 6 weeks notice to ensure that butterflies are available for the date that you request.
If you are placing an order for a date within the next 6 weeks, please email us first at contact us so that we can check our current orders and let you know what we will have available.
The Maui Butterfly Farm welcomes custom orders!

Although we will do our best to try to provide solely Monarchs or solely Gulf Fritillaries or Citrus Swallowtails when specifically requested, changes in weather patterns can result in changes in breeding patterns and therefore The Maui Butterfly Farm reserves the right to substitute whichever of our breeds we currently have available if necessary. 

A beautiful Maui Gulf Fritillary butterfly

A beautiful butterfly ready for a wedding

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